Saturday, October 31, 2009

You know what I hate...

I hate when people send you things and say stuff like, turn up your speaker and watch really close and you will see something... and then a monster pops up and screams at you and you spill stuff on your computer and you have a heart attack and wish the person that sent that thing would get the pox of some sort. 

That's just rude.

Smiles from the (shaking) farm,


  1. What is the thing with clowns? Why do people hate clowns? I think I'm gonna' have to go stand on my stump and contemplate that one. Happy Halloween!

  2. I hate clowns, and I am afraid of clowns. This clown is really scary and of the worst I have seen. I have been afraid os clowns since I was a small child. Add, mimes, santa, and sport mascots. Don't want to look at them, don't want them looking at me, or god forbid, touch me. that's a scary Halloween. Hugs, Kathleen

  3. Ooooooo clown faces...BOO! Happy Halloween Lisa!

  4. That, Lisa is not a good clown, he scares the pants off of me!! I think my husband likes him!! Char