Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Eve to ME....

As of tommorow, I will be counting down the last 365 days of being in my 30's. Bring it baby, I'm ready. I am a Libra, so I'm a bit of a narcissist, therefore please behold the many faces

Baby Me gleefully assaulting a cat

Toddler me rocking the pig tails, if I may say so myself...

Me and my little brother doing a stirring portrayal of The Brothers' Grimm tale,  The Very Happy Children

Eighth grade me wearing blue eyeshadow and hoping my mother doesn't notice when we get the pictures back.  By the way, she does.

Not me, but I found this while digging through pictures.  LOOK at those hands!  Oh my Big Bud.  Ok, back to me...

High school me, permed, tanned and though you can't see them, rocking those acid washed jeans...

Me with my brand new 1989 Subaru-could I be more cool?

Me on my wedding day.  This picture is so indicative of our relationship.


And me with one of the people I made...

I can't wait to see what the next 39 years are like and when WILL acid washed jeans make a comeback?

Smiles from the (YOUNG) farm,


  1. Happy Birthday...may you have many, many more! Loved the photos -smile.

  2. Hey Lisa, what a cutie from birth to today. Happy Happy Birthday sweetheart, enjoy the cake, Char

  3. OMGosh!...that means you'll be 40 on 10/10/10! (I was 55 on 9/9/09...are we special or what?)
    Happy Happy Birthday Lisa...offically after midnight that is!

  4. Happy Birthday! I loved my 30's and the 40's taint so bad either. I think any day on this earth is a plus. I don't mind birthdays at all. Today is goat school. I just wanted to tell you thanks for telling us about it. Im so excited. Hope to have pictures.

  5. Happy Birthday! Will you get Peanuts???

  6. When you say that picture is indicative of your relationship with your husband, do you mean that your husband is always focused on the task at hand while you just stare off into space?

    Happy Birthday! And welcome to the 40s club, sweetie!

  7. Happy Birthday! And I do think acid-washed jeans are back.

  8. Sorry I'm late, but I stopped by to say hi in celebration of the New England bloggers 100th and find I get to say Happy Birthday to you too.

    Great Blog..