Saturday, October 31, 2009


After some deep contemplation...

the answer to the age old question....

Was finally revealed...

Aren't you relieved?

....BUT........why did they cross the road?....

Smiles from the (chicken) farm,


  1. They don't know why they crossed the road. Probably because they are chickens. A goat would know.

  2. Lisa, you have a great sense of humor and I really enjoyed this. Your mind must never stop, they are just adorable, would love to see them loaded up on sugar after the fact. I am more than sure that is why the chickens crossed the road: to get to the candy!!! Char

  3. That is the most adorable costume idea are so clever girl!!!

  4. I love the new look to your blog...all dressed up for Thanksgiving. The costumes are so cute. And you are so funny. I'm so happy I met you, you make me laugh. Hugs, Kathleen

  5. So for some reason, that 2nd pic looks like he's hanging from the wall.


    He isn't hanging from the wall, is he?