Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Prefer Herbivores...

Have you noticed the owls?  Everywhere are these googly eyed owl pillows, owl pin cushions, owl pot holders, appliqued owl underpants.  Ok, maybe not that last one but who decided that owls were cute?  Owls are predators, they eat cats, small dogs and little old ladies.  Just carry them right away.  Not cute, is what I say. 

That's right grandma, owls are cuddly.  Let's hug. 
 So I've been thinking...scary, I know.  I think we need a new trend.  New pillow fodder, if you will.  So here you go.  Goats are the new owls.

You're welcome.

(All available in my Etsy shop)


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Poor Ernit....

Scene:  Kitchen of a drafty old farmhouse.  Middle-aged man sitting at table acting crabby.  Teenage girl enters room, takes plate from cupboard, walks toward pan of lasagna on stove.  Middle-aged but very attractive and young spirited woman observes from doorway.

Middle-aged man:  You hungry?

Teenage girl:  (rolling her eyes) Yeah.

Middle-aged man:  Do you want some lasagna?

Teenage girl:  (rolling her eyes even more than usual) Yeah.

Middle-aged man: (more crabbily than usual) I made that you know.

Teenage girl:  (sighing heavily) Yeah.

Middle-aged man:  Well, what did you do to earn it?

Teenage girl:  (sighing even heavilier than usual)  Oh my God!   I don't even know who Ernit is! 

Middle-aged man looks confused.  Teenage girl looks snarky.

Middle-aged but very attractive and young spirited and also brilliantly smart woman:  Snort-snort, laugh-laugh-laugh-laugh.  Ernit!  What DID you do to Ernit?  Bah-hahahahahah. 

True story

Smiles from the farm,
Lisa (I was the attractive one-just so if you was wondering)