Monday, September 24, 2012

What I Finished Today....

I wrote a book.  It was hard and when I was done, I put it away because I was not ready to have the world judge this thing that I had created.  So I wrote another one and it was less personal but still I wasn't willing to let it out.  THEN I wrote another.  It is a fantasy.  The characters are just that, they have no basis to anyone in my life.  It is kind of silly, but was so much fun to write that I want to share.  So I will.

Here it is.

You can read more about it here.

It is a kind of weird story about a girl who creates a mechanical man who escapes from her lab.   She has to find him to save herself and the man who is accused of making him.  It sure as hell ain't Shakespeare, but I really liked writing it.

Now that it's done maybe I'll get to blogging more.  Or maybe I'll write another one.  Who knows?


Monday, September 10, 2012

Hey! What's goin' on?

I'm still alive.  This blog has been neglected because I've been working on some other things.  I started a book blog, Mom's Brain Candy where we review books and talk about writing and stuff.  Very professional*.

I found a little baby snapping turtle.  So that was pretty cool.  I like turtles.  His name is John.  John the Turtle.

If I keep my eyes closed, she'll go away.  

Aww, look at his little self!

I let him go down by the pond.  Go free John!  

Ummm, what else?  Oh, I sold four of my goats.  Now I only have four left.  It breaks my hearts to think about it, but I may find new homes for all of them.  I haven't decided yet.  I don't want to, but their barn needs to be replaced and the fences are a constant challenge.  Combined with the skyrocketing cost of hay and feed, I might not have a choice.  Blech, I don't want to think about that right now.

Happier things...I am in the editing stages of finishing my book.  I've joined a writers group to help workshop it.  My husband and the big teenager are reading it and offering comments, so hopefully by Christmas it will be ready for publishing on Amazon.

Oh and we got the big teenager off to college, though she wasn't able to board there.  The school is only 30 miles away so she is commuting.  You know the saying, "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers"?  Well that applies here.  I am happy that she is here every night and I can encourage* her to keep up with her work.

So, I guess that's it.  I'll try to post more here.  I know-I know, I've said that before.

Have a great day!

*Not professional at all.
*by encourage, I mean nag