Sunday, October 4, 2009

Have I told you about my dog?


Well that's because I don't have a dog! I want a dog. Real bad. Just a little one. But you know how you want something but you have to get some other things in order first? Because you're an adult and that's the way you're supposed to do stuff? Sometimes it stinks being a grown up.

Well this weekend the Bangor Humane Society had a fund raiser called Paws on Parade and my favorite dog in the world was in it. This is Ruby.
She is the dog I would have if she didn't already belong to my friend Cindy.

We went to the parade to cheer Ruby on. Please don't tell her, but in the midst of this sea of bassets, I had a hard time telling her from the rest~~Sorry Ruby!

I am partial to dogs who wear sweaters...

and sunglasses...

and dogs with pretty smiles...

I really like gigantic, mutant horse-like dogs

and dogs with pretty hair cuts...

Oh, and who doesn't love little baby golden dogs?

Sigh. Have I mentioned that I don't have a dog. And that I really would like to have one...

Hmmmm, I wonder if I could get Dottie to wear a sweater?

Baaaahhaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa, snort, snort, HA!

No, most definitely not.

Smiles from the (dogless) farm,


  1. Oh, you almost made me cry. You can have her... when I die. If my death is at all suspicious there will be a full investigation. -_-

  2. I want a dog, too. It's just not a smart move for us right now. I do go look at the Bangor Humane Society website a few times a month to moon over the pups, though. I can't seem to help myself. lol
    Ruby reminds me of the dog my grandparents used to have when I was a very wee one.

  3. Personally, I like the one by the 'smiley' Pug. You know, the one with the little dude riding on his back. As far as Dottie and the sweater, well, she probably really already has her own. Okay, you can have a dog. Just don't get one of those kind that thinks they can, Heaven Forbid!, herd.

  4. I love all dogs, too. And I would get a dog, but my siamese cat thinks he is a dog. So, that's what I have. Your goat has a happy, smiling face, though...and oh those eyes. How can you not love that kid? Hugs, kathleen

  5. This is your lucky day. I have two dogs with an extensive wardrobe. I will even pay to have them overnighted to you. :-)

  6. Oh I want another dog too, but right now I'm just happy to love on other people's dogs . . . sort of like having grandkids you know! I can just imagine how sweet it would be to see Ruby's little tail wagging! They're all so ever would you choose??

  7. Hey, was that one dog back there wearing a Harley Davidson sweater?

    Dottie might wear a sweater. Of course she might also eat it the second you put it on.

  8. What cute pooches!
    Dottie looks intrigued at the thought of a nice angora....