Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mother, mother

One of my favorite magazines is Mary Janes Farm. In this month's issue she gives a very simple recipe for sourdough starter. And since I love warm bread I decided to start a batch.

In seven days I will have a nice, yeasty slop to start bread with. How fun!

So that was a few minutes of my day. Then I chopped a few armfuls of wood to heat my shop so that I can sew. I am making a horsey bag today and hopefully have time for some reusable shopping bags and all my mending.

It was 10 below last night and all my teenage chickens did very nicely out in the big kid hen house. Tough birds!

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, January 23, 2009

What I did today...

Ok, not the most interesting of topics but I want to start keeping my blog updated and I can't always think of exciting things like making cheese or wearing rubber boots to write about. So this is what I did today:

Got four kids out the door and all dropped off at school by 9:00 a.m.
Fed the goats
Fed the big chickens
Signed up on the Chickens in the Road forum and posted a few remarks
Tried taking some nice pictures for Etsy, failed and quit
Made an omelet-ate it
Moved 20 chickens, four at a time out to the big Chicken House and set up a heat lamp for them
Kicked Rosie the rooster for pecking a baby chicken
Went and picked up two of the kids from school
Typed 4,000 words for my transcription job
Made supper for kids
Picked up biggest kid from friends house
Will work until 10:00 typing

Tommorow I sew. And feed goats, chickens and children.