Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thou shalt not covet thy blogger's apples...

Suzanne McMinn of Chickens in the Road was one of the first blogs I subscribed to.  I think I was Googling~ farm girl, goats, cooking and her blog popped right up.  She posts every day.  Really.  EVERY day.  And she posts late at night, so there is something new to read EVERY day.  Wow.  Now, I don't know Suzanne personally, she has commented on my comments though.  I love that in a blogger.  Well, she is a lovely cook, has cute animals and WRITES books.  Like the kind that get published.  Now, I like to cook, have cute animals and write books, they just don't get published.  But its spooky how we are just so in sync, Suzanne and me. 

Ok, not so much~but ANYWAY.  She posted a few weeks ago about how she gets free apples from the farmer's market and she was doing all this canning and cooking and stuff with the free apples and I was just sitting here at my computer sighing at her luck for getting all these free apples and wishing I could get free apples and publish a book, but mostly wishing on the apples. 

Well umm, if I were to look up from the computer screen, this is the view from the window DIRECTLY in back of my screen (I have a lot of CAPS today-could I be MORE relevent?). 

So, what is that?- you ask.  Why it is an APPLE tree (ok enough with the CAPS already).  Hello Captain Obvious, if I was a snake I would have bitten you, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, apples to oranges baby, apples to oranges...

And curiously enough, the apple tree has apples growing on it.  Weird.  Free apples, growing on an apple tree 20 feet from my back door on ground that I own, or pay a mortgage for and so sort of own.  So, my point is, Thank you Suzanne for showing me that apple pie apples aint' gotta be pretty and you don't have to pay for them.  I SURE took a LONG time to get to the point DIDN'T I? 

And my other point is that Suzanne is trying to get a blog job (ooh that sounds kinda nasty!).  How about, Suzanne is trying to get employment in the fine art of blogging.  (that's better).  If you are a kind hearted soul who would like to see a West Virginia farm girl make a few bucks please go and vote for her here.  You don't have to download anything and it's really quick and simple.  I'd love to see her get the job.
Smiles from the (holy cow, I have free apples) farm,


  1. That post was a complete delight. I enjoyed taking time from cleaning my closet in the hallway and the pantry in the kitchen. This is day two of the dirty work, and I sure wish I could have a piece of that pie!!!! I am off to vote and to read, thanks for the tip farm girl, Char

  2. Oh man! I gotta say...that's one beautiful pie right there!

  3. The apples don't need to be pretty but that pie sure is! Is it as good as it looks??

  4. Her blog is one of my faves - I voted for her too! :-)
    And my gosh your apple pie looks PERFECT!!! yummy!