Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dear Mr. King, I am not a stalker...

Scary Saturday

Well I had plans for a lovely day at the cemetary today, but the rain kept me away. So to show how much you all mean to me, I did something today that no self respecting Mainah' does. I pulled up to Stephen King's house and took pictures. I had to circle the neighborhood a couple of times to gather my courage (ie: make sure no one was watching).

I'm not sure what's up with the six foot frog. Oooh scary.

These are his neighbor's really is sad how some people live.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. I know what you mean. Now when family visit everyone wants to see Mr. Kings house. Im sure he is very familiar with the slow moving traffic. I love the gates, they are so cool. I wonder about the frog too. He is cool. I imagine he comes to life at night and eats the gigantic Maine mosquitoes.

  2. Oh those are cool pictures. I used to live just 1 block from there years an apartment on Pier St. (the way less fancy part of the neighborhood). Used to wonder who the dingbat with the weird fence was ... I didn't even know he lived there then.

  3. Who knew that putting talent and hard work good use would pay off? Oh, everyone but me??? sigh... I wish I had some talent. Then you could stalk me.

  4. Wow I love old houses like those..... only, out in the middle of nowhere in some woods, or a field, because I am not fond of close neighbors.

  5. The Little Undead will be in awe. Gee, all his neighbors' houses look like they could be in Psycho. Do you suppose they give out treats on Halloween? :)

  6. wow, does little Bud trick or treat there. Some people just have all the luck, or some of us just think they do!! Pretty houses none the less, Char

  7. I believe he owns the house to the right (when facing his) as well, now.
    That's funny. We were just out there a couple of weeks ago, looking at landscaping in the surrounding neighborhoods (I need ideas!). I hadn't been by his house in YEARS, even though I lived not far down the road when we first relocated to the area.