Sunday, July 26, 2009

My latest greatest auction makeover...

I really like doing this.

I won this thing at the auction this morning. It was $2.00. My receipt says it is a cupboard. Ok, we'll go with that. I need a cupboard.

It did have shelves, but they were covered with ummm, something icky. So when I took this picture they were soaking in cleaning stuff. Then the outside of it had like six layers of wall paper on it. It was cute wall paper but torn and stained and it had to go, so I scraped it all off.

Then I thought, now what? Do I paint it, do I strip it, do I leave it like it is? I decided to go shabby chic and leave it pretty much the way it was.

I had these glass cabinet doors that I got at the auction a few weeks ago, I think they were $4.00. I KNEW I'd find a use for them.

But did they fit my "cupboard"? Nope. So I had to go buy lumber and tweak a little. The little oak carved thingy came off a mirror frame that I tore apart for another project. The hangers were on the inside, but I moved them to the outside.
So after some swears and pounded thumbs...I am pretty happy with the end product. I think my total investment is about $20.00.

Smiles from the farm...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rare and exclusive footage...

You know that picture of Bigfoot...

Well I for one believe it really was Bigfoot, for I have proof of something even stranger.


Or maybe it is a Bigfoot in a teenager suit. Yeah, seems more likely.

In my next expose I capture Teenager and her sister Little Girl not bickering over something stupid and husband rinsing dish before putting it in dishwasher! Stay tuned.

Smiles from the farm,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now isn't that better?

All of my life I have been a sucker for the outcasts, the damaged and the throwaways. I really don't beleive anything is worthless. A friend of a friend lived in a trailer while he was building his house and when the house was done he was going to burn the trailer. I took it and fixed it up and lived in it for two years while saving my money to buy my 100 year old farmhouse. I've resuced unwanted animals, unwanted clothing, unwanted...well anything. My husband has to sneak broken stuff out the door or I will try to fix it. It's an illness or a gift, depends on how you look at it.

Well one of my FAVORITE things to do is go to estate auctions. Woo hoo, junker's paradise. I bought this dresser this weekend for the grand sum of $1.00. It needed some work.

So I sanded and primed and painted and put on new pulls. All for the grand total of about $20.00 and I got this lovely little dresser to put by my washer and dryer. I love it!

Poor little dresser feels all fancy now!

Smiles from the farm,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm a real farmer now...

See the farmer's tan?

and the muddy boots?...

and ummm the muddy butt?...

and how much I love my little goat?...

and see how Naughty Dottie has broken OUT of the goat yard only to break INTO the chicken yard...

Well I guess that really doesn't have anything at all to do with my awesome farming abilities.

Smiles from the farm,