Monday, October 12, 2009

A totally interesting story that nobody else will find even remotely interesting...

Oooh, that drew you right in didn't it.  I am one of those people whose lives are so terribly uninteresting that I tend to tell stories that were told to me about people that I don't know and so am now telling them to someone else who has absolutely no point of reference and could care less.  You know those kind of people.  Like coming home and telling your husband about some story your coworker told you at work about her neice's cousin Felima Fuddershuck in Oklahoma who has 14 toes on her left hand and works at Hooters?  Well this is one of those stories.  I love having a blog.

I went to the auction yesterday and bought a box lot of three boxes of miscellaneious junk fine antiques.  In one of the boxes there was a set of dishes called Calico Fruit.  After coming home and cleaning them and googling them I found out they were produced from 1920 to about 1960 or so.  I was so excited, I cleaned them and tagged them and drove into my booth at the antique mall with my rare china.  As I entered the store, my friend Cindy, pointed to a large new display.  On it was featured, yup you guessed it, twenty or so pieces of Calico Fruit china.  The owner had been approached by a lady who was trying to sell her collection so she bought some pieces, but not all.  We oohed and ahhhed over the coincidence.  And THEN...about an hour later another vendor walked into the shop and guess what she had in her hands...yup another piece of Calico Fruit china that she had got at the Goodwill.  Obviously the lady who had sold the pieces to the owner of the shop had then taken some to the auction and some to Goodwill.  And they had all ended up in the same store.  How weird is that?  Now that we have saturated the market, none of us will sell one piece of the darn stuff.  Thankfully I only paid $6.00 for my pieces and I got lots of other stuff with it. 

Hey don't say I didn't warn you that it really wasn't that interesting to anyone other than me.  Now did I tell you about by great aunt's sister's dog that died when she was 12?  Well.....

Smiles from the (Calico Freakin' Fruit) farm,


  1. What about putting it on Etsy? I never tried selling china on there; but it might work?

  2. Oh Lisa, if you all got together, put the dishes together as one lot, that might be a complete set for someone that would really want it all. If not, sadly you are right, it may sit for awhile, but then again, maybe someone from Indonesia has been looking for that pattern, and when they came to your town to visit their nephew from the UK, they knew they just had to have it all, but when they went to buy it, it was all gone, disapeared in the night by that guy with the three eyes and two heads!!!!!! Good Luck girlfriend, Char

  3. Thanks for the great big's actually rather purty....maybe a piece or two at church bazaars over the next couple years???

  4. Great story and congratulations on your wonderful find. Every time I go to a thrift store, I look for a set of dishes. We're still using bits and pieces of hand-me-downs and I'd love to find dishes that I truly love.

  5. Which antique mall do you sell out of Lisa? I need to make me a visit next time I come inland! I found your story fascinating...I really did! It seems like the older I get the smaller the world becomes and I like hearing about these fun little 'coincidences'!

  6. Surely there is a philosophical interest here. I'm sure there is. Really.