Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who done it?

This was full yesterday...Today it is not.

Red, do you know who did it?
She ain't talking. (And I don't know why she's in the laying box. SHE DOESN'T LAY EGGS!)

Did any of YOU see who did it? Nope. Not me. I saw NOTHING.

Charles, did you happen to see who emptied the bird feeder? And, by the way you are looking smashing today! Honestly I can't be bothered with such trivial matters! Pish, posh. I always look this good.

Ben, did you see who ate all the little bird's food? What's a bird?

How about you Jerry. Did you see who emptied the bird feeder?Ben did it.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Hi Lisa....Is all your snow gone yet? We still have a few piles of it hanging about here. I love all the happy faces on your blog today. I have to buy a couple of new bird feeders this spring...because the squirrels have destroyed the ones I have. They are cute though...Have a wonderful day, Hugs, Kathleen

  2. Bet it was the dang squirrels! Had to get a birdfeeder with a cage thanks to the sneaky little buggers. Loved the post, very cute!!

  3. Oh My! I think I'm in love with Charles!!! Char

  4. Honestly, 'What's a bird?'...typical Nubian response. Oy.

  5. Can Ben come and live with me...what a face...what a look...

  6. That Charles is smashing looking!
    They all are.
    Now Jerry, it is not nice to tattle!
    Love your animals and the laying box.

  7. Toolman's sister has deer and turkeys eating from her bird feeder!! She was wondering why she was going through a 50# bag so fast!! LOL!!

    And yes, Charles is quite smashing...did he get another bath? hehehe!

  8. One time it was a huge bear that ate all the seed out of our feeder...he climbed up the stairs to our 2nd floor deck, leaned over the rail and grabbed the feeder. I was standing on the other side of sliding glass doors when I saw him...yikes! Cute post, I just love your farm animals!

  9. Hi Lisa. Love the animal pics. I think it was the goats too. Had to be. It's always the goats. Charles does look smashing. I guess I'll have to give Fluffy a bath before you come on Sunday so he won't be embarrassed at his appearance.