Friday, April 17, 2009

Where has the love gone?

A long time ago there lived a poor stable boy named Charles. He was very handsome, but small and weak. He dreamed of being the King.
But alas the King was strong and Charles was NO match for his size or brawn.

So Charles hatched a plan (heehee~"hatched"~see he's a chicken-ok sorry)to overthrow the King and take the throne for himself! He preyed upon the weakness of She Who Brings Forth Grain. (Charles' evil plan in action)
It worked, for the King was cast from his seat and Charles was now in Charge. (heehee~see there used to be this show, Scott Baio-no? Ok sorry)

He ruled his kingdom with a firm hand, uh wing.

He never let his size deter him from making royal decrees or having his way with the ladies-(chicka chicka mow~wow)

Alas it has been told that "Absolute Power Corupts Absolutely" and Charles' reign is no exception. Charles has resorted to fear tactics and bold attacks against anyone who DARES venture into his territory.

Even She Who Brings Forth Grain is not safe from his aggression, physically or emotionally as she runs across the yard screaming "Charles you little B$%&#@, get the hell away from me!" in the most dignified manner.

So what will become of Charles? Will he be allowed to continue this behavior? Will he get shipped off to ports unknown? The future seemes uncertain for our unlikely hero. Tune in next time for "Recipes for Little Chickens with Attitudes" or "Where the heck are the band-aids?"

Smiles from the Farm,


  1. Lisa that is so funny. My brother in law used to have geese...and well, I was petrified of them. I just picture Charles running and pecking any lost soul who might wander into the yard. That's one way to keep strangers away...put up a sign, "Beware of Killer Rooster"!

  2. Heh heh. We are getting chickens in May on the Farm. Is this what the publicist has to look forward to?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like Ben and Jerry!

  3. Methinks Charles is in for a grand adventure anyway you look at it!

  4. Charles could be the star attraction in Chicken Pot Pie -evil grin-.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    This is so funny! I use to have a mean roo. Now I have 5 roos and they are so busy messing with each other, they couldn't care less about me or my kids.

  6. What a funny post! I loved it! Attitude or not, he is a very pretty rooster.

  7. I once had a parrot named Monet that was pretty evil to me . . . he used to fly down from his perch and chase me out of the room by pecking my ankles, but only when no one else was around so no one believed me. Until one day my husband finally saw him in action as I sprinted by him shrieking down the hallway with Monet running at breakneck speed with his wings outstretched right on my heels. My husband nearly fell on the floor from laughter. We found Monet a new home.

  8. Lovely birds and your story was so sweet.

  9. I love Charles, and what a fantastic story. I just have to say, he better watch out or he'll be the star of "one flew over the cuckoos nest" and we all know what happened to him!! If I remember correctly, he had a lobotomy. Char