Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mushrooms on a log and some goats on a walk...

I went for a walk down back today. I brought the goats. First they needed to figure out who was the leader. It wasn't Ben.

And it wasn't Jerry. See how devastated Ben is by his defeat?

The leader was Dottie.

She was very pleased.

I found these cool mushrooms growing on a tree that the beavers had cut down. All these mushrooms on the same tree. Kind of cool.

Anyone ever noticed how hard it is to take pictures of beaver log mushrooms while there is a goat standing on your back? Just curious, I'm sure it's a common problem.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. The antics of your goats must bring you so much pleasure. They are adorable, especially Dottie! And you are quite the photographer. I love your mushrooms pics....they would make great note cards. You seem to have less snow than we do up here in Millinocket. Our special today is frozen mud...come and get all you want. Hugs, Kathleen

  2. Very pretty goats! I love the spots on the black one. Goats can sure make a walk interesting that is for sure.

  3. Of course the girl is the leader. Was there ever any doubt?

  4. Hi Lisa, of course the female would be the leader of the pack!! Isn't that how it should be??!! Don't we all wish........
    Is that a wooden chicken coup you have there in the picture. I have looked and looked for one of those and there it is you lucky girl.
    I love the mushrooms, some of the pictures look like they could be from the sea, very pretty indeed, thankyou again for keeping my intertained, I just love Pink Porches, Char