Monday, March 23, 2009

A work in progress...

I haven't painted in a while. So I decided to paint a Girl with a Bunny. I'll keep you apprised of her progress.

Some of my other paintings...

This was my first oil painting.

I could go on and on. I love to paint, though I'm not that great at it. I think if I did it more, I'd get better. There's just so much other stuff that I want to do and life is so damn short. Sigh...


Smiles from the Farm


  1. Love your paintings! I think you have quite a talent! I used to paint, now with the kids I just don't have the time or patience... some day!!!

  2. Hi Lisa....Did you paint all these? You are a wonderful painter. Do you sell your work? What a talented gal you are. i love your work! Precious is too cute. My Mr Ming would just love her. He's a romantic kind of guy, even though he has been neutered. Hugs, Kathleen

  3. Thanks for the nice compliments! Yup, all of those paintings are mine. I do sell (or used to before the economy went plffft) my rose stuff on eBay. I keep the oils on canvas as I take FOREVER to do one and I get a bit attached. Oh and time and patience? What's that? I paint while the water's boiling for macaroni or the tub is filling!

  4. Not that great at it?? Those are beautiful, you are in fact very great at it I think!