Thursday, March 26, 2009

On a walk with Little Bud...

This morning after dropping Big Bud off at school we came home, ate breakfast, fed the beasties in the backyard and decided to go for a walk in the sunshine. After all it is 45 DEGREES today. Balmy.

First we saw ducks...

And the official sign of spring in Maine...

Then we saw the neighbor's horse...

Then these foot prints, they look like goat to me. Probably deer?

And then we saw this. There used to be a farm house here. A big white farm house with a porch and a HUGE red barn. Two years ago when I noticed that it had gone vacant I tracked down the owner and asked how much they wanted for it and they said they were not selling it, BECAUSE they were dividing all the land into to 2 and 4 acre lots for new homes and they didn't want the big white farm house to impede the development. But they did let me go inside and I can still see the beadboard cupboards and the mantle piece over the fireplace. I can still see the curved staircase and the little bedroom at the top of the stairs. I can still see how I would have decorated it and I can still see the glow in the December sky the night that the fire department burned it to the ground. It still breaks my heart. Sorry I couldn't save you old house.

We kept walking and saw Mr. M.'s cows...

and his pigs...

Then we saw this mad, ravenous squirrel...

We saw some dogs too, but they were mean so we decided not to take their picture.

All in all a lovely way to start the day!

Smiles from the farm,


  1. What a great area for a walk! I'm sad about the farmhouse... new and modern isn't all it's cracked up to be, I bet the old farmhouse was beautiful!! Hope your still enjoying this beautiful day! Might even reach 50 tomorrow!! WooHoo! LOL!!

  2. When I lived in Saco, I lived out in the country. I had rabbits, chickens and ducks. The man who lived out in back of me had pigs, and there was a dairy farm about a mile away. I used to love living there. Thank you for bringing back that great memory for me, Lisa. Have a great day, hugs, Kathleen

  3. It was nice to take a walk with ya today, you have some pretty neat neighbors. That is too bad about the old house though, I just love old houses. They were so unique and interesting.

  4. What a wonderful walk; thanks for taking me along!

  5. Thanks for the was great! And I certainly echo your loss of the old farmhouse (I certainly hope some of its "treasures" were salvaged before it was burned). Too many of our older farmhouses, barns and historic buildings are being demolished for "progress." Is it really progress I wonder?

  6. Lisa, this is so sad, it was a shame they could not have moved the house somewhere else. Lets hope now that you don't have to see a bunch of white elephants instead of beautiful land. Love the goats and of course the story, you never disapoint, Char