Friday, March 13, 2009

Who does she thinks she is?

This morning I ran out of chicken feed. The reaction was mixed. Some were silently plotting...or sulking. It's hard to read a chicken.

The others just seemed confused...

So while I ran into town to get more, I figured they could snack on bird seed. After all he seems to like it pretty well...
They were not impressed but decided it would do for now.

Let's just try not to let it happen again.

Now for something I think you'll really like. For no other reason than I want more traffic to my blog, I am having a give away! Yay! All you have to do is leave a comment for this post and you will be entered. I will draw the name on Sunday and the winner will get this little prim pin cushion all hand made by me! Good luck and thanks so much!

Have a great day!


  1. hi, it's peggysue.. i'm leaving you a comment.
    the pincushion is adorable, as are the chickens.

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for entering me :) Your pincushion is adorable! I love your pig pillow too!

    ~Sharon D. (Calicogirl from MJ)

  3. Lisa - that is SO funny, about the chickens! My sheep ADORE bird seed but it's far, far too expensive for, for me to buy for them.
    Also, if you get a chance, please visit my blog and look for the Laughing Orca link; she has some seriously FUNNY names for her chickens!
    The pincushion is AAAdorable; please enter my name.

  4. The chicks are SOOO adorable! And a contest will get me to post any time. Teehee...

    Glad you cross posted this because I'd managed to not get you bookmarked. Thanks!

    Pete, from Chickens in the Road

  5. Hi, Lisa! Thanks for showing us your site on CIR! Very charming blog....and I loved your story from this morning! LOL!!

    And I'm especially loving the pincushion!

    I am now your 2nd follower!

  6. This post is for Georgia at Chickens in the Road. Seems she had some trouble posting, so THIS IS FOR YOU, G!! If she wins the pincushion, I reserve the right to tease her about it for a VERY long time!

    Georgia, by Pete...

  7. Great pictures of the chickens. You did a great job with the pin cushion, If I win, I'll give it to Georgia for her new sewing rm. Ha,ha! Leah

  8. Lisa, I've bookmarked your Blog...which means I'll become a regular.

    Sorry Georgia...if I "win" that cute pin cushion, I'm keeping it!

  9. Wonderful and pretty chicks :)

    LOVE the pincushion, thanks for having this cute give away.

    Hugs from Marian/Dutchy on MJF

  10. I love to look at pictures of chickens! I take alot of pictures on mine and pu them on my blog too and others seem to appreciate that- I'm loving your darling pin cushion too- so- hello from another MJ farmgirl!

  11. Are those Barred Rock chickens I see. I used to have a couple of those, along with some Rhode Island Reds. They loved lettuce and spinach. I love the pincushion, and will brag about your great bog on mine! Big Hugs, Kathleen

  12. I love it and would love a chance to win.

    Homemom from MJF

  13. Wow, are you reading my mind! I am making some little dresses right now, for my granddaughter's 1st birthday, and would love your beautiful little sweet. I also was just taking to her dad about getting her some chickens for her birthday....chickens and pincushions....who would have thought they went together so well?

  14. Very nice Blog. Lots of the CIR
    peoples will be here or BE SQUARE!

    I didn't see where you said you
    Did or Did Not get your free goat?

    .and the pin cushion is adorable too!

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Liz in PA♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Both your chicks and your pincushions are adorable!! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  16. Nice Blog! I love your life--I know a couple of farmers in Maine, also--yikes, how do you handle the weather??

    The pin cushion is just too precious, please enter me in the draw!!

  17. Please enter me.. Nice blog!
    I really need a pin cushion too..

  18. Sew cute! And those chickens -- well, they need to improve their attitudes. Ha!

    Happy to find you via MJFarmgirls.
    I'll be back.

  19. Please enter me into the pin cushion contest..absolutely adorable!

  20. Hello! I am Chelsey (lacisne88 from Maryjanes Farm forum). The pincushion is super cute and your blog is lovely! Thanks!

  21. Hey Lisa, love the little pin cushion, thanks for the give away. hope I win. and I love your chickens...

  22. Oh, just love your finicky chickens!

    The pincushion is just the sweetest.


  23. Sweet count me in please. A lovely blog you have and bookmarked you.
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway

  24. Love your pin cushion! What a sweetie! Please enter me in your drawing too =0))

    Dranny from MJF


  25. What a cute post about the chickens. :0) And your pinkeep is adorable too!

    Queen of Dreamsz

  26. Love your chickens! I have chickens too, in my kitchen, but they are fake. Sigh, wish I had real ones like you! Do you name your chickens?
    You can see some pictures of my chickens on my blog: