Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gone Country...

Does anyone remember the Blue Ducks and Country Rabbits style of decorating back in the 80's. I loved that. I remember having sheets of muslin dripping tea and coffee hanging from my shower curtain. The whole house smelled like apple-cinnamon tea. I must say back in the day my weekends were filled with craft fairs. Then the decorating style changed to Victorian, French Country, Shabby Chic and I've been through it all and love it all. I swear I had heart palpatations when I found pink toile at Marden's (Maine thing-you guys know what I'm talking about!). Well the times are different now. Things are simpler, they have to be. I know I'm not the only one planting a garden this year, making my own bread, keeping chickens...

I predict that we will start seeing an eclectic mix of Shabby Chic, Primitive, Country decorating coming up. The mood will be simpler, not fussy, and homespun. It won't be the cutesy country of the Blue Duck era but more subdued. I look forward to it.

Today I made these little pillows (they're on etsy-my link is at the bottom of the page)and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I embroidered the designs, stained the muslin and picked through my lace and buttons and really love the results. So much so that if they don't sell, I don't mind at all!

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  1. Whew! Those blue ducks, boy do I remember. I bought some from Home Interiors and they were all over my kitchen. That was so awful-country, but I did it. I am guilty of blue ducks. Now, I really like French country and Shabby chic...but my style is now called, Kathleen's Look...I now decorate with whatever I love! And I must say I just love those pillow. I am working on sewing some pillows, they are for my bedroom. The ones I have aren't looking too healthy. Maybe I will check Marden's out for fabric....might find some of that pink toile! Hugs, Kathleen