Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am not obsessed...

Except for a little bit.

If you live in Maine (or New Hampshire or Mass) you KNOW what Uncle Henry's is. Uncle Henry's is a classified weekly that is on every coffee table, beside every toilet, on the passenger seat of every pick up the three aforementioned states. If you need ANYTHING-you look in Uncle Henry's first, from free puppies to slightly used diamond rings. You get the picture. WELL Uncle Henry's is also online and if you have an inkling of an idea that you HAVE to have let's say another goat you just may refresh the Animal/Livestock page oh let's say every two minutes until something pops up. Well two days ago this popped up...BUT she didn't pop up in the Animal/Livestock section. NO, she popped up in the FREE section and her sister and little brother were available too! Well how fast did I get to the phone? Not fast enough. I was the second caller and the lady said she'd call me if the first call didn't work out. No call yet but I keep making sure she is still listed (which is a good sign and she is) I want her so bad. Send me some good karma! These little goats couldn't have a better home then here. Really. I need them.

Smiles (and crossed fingers)


  1. Oh Lisa, that goat could not be any cuter! I got my fingers crossed for you!. Your talk of Uncle Henry's made me smile. If I want to keep my husband out of my hair, I just buy him a copy. I swear he reads every page. He is busy reading it for hours. Let's hope for the goat, hugs, Kathleen

  2. SO cute!!

    Nice to get it for free. Hope it works out.

    Ruth from MJF