Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Summer showed up today.  Unannounced.  Unlike the summer that we have known before, she who flutters and giggles throughout the backyard, hiding behind blackberry brambles and swinging her bare legs from high atop apple tree limbs, this summer came heavy and bloated.  We didn't get the chance to chase her, she blasted in, grasping at our bodies and smothering our breath.  Any welcome we may have mustered was wiped away with cool cloths and washed down with ice water. 

Spring was still packing up her things.  Summer didn't seem to care and uncermoniously pushed her out.  Her lilacs and apple blossoms left behind, limp and pale,  like a nightgown on the back of a motel bathroom door. 

Summer snorted at our furrowed brows and labored sighs.  Her jowls jiggled and her sausage fingers chucked our chins and so soon we started to hate her. 

We passed each other in the halls, the streets, the aisle of the grocery store and our weary eyes bespoke of summer's premature capture.  The ONE, the one in every crowd who starts that spiteful cliche was immobilized by hateful glares even before the saying was said, "It's not so much the heat but the...."  It is too early. 

There are rumors that this is not truly summer.  It is a blatant imposter and spring is planning an attack this evening.   I pray this is so, for the opression of the heat has made me light headed and dare I say a tad dramatic?  

Smiles from HELL the farm,


  1. Are you sure you are not a author? Love your very dramatic description of hell on earth. Hoping the temps today will be less smothering.
    Hugs, Kathleen

  2. Heat? Really? We are still wearing our winter coats - well part of them anyway. Oy.

  3. It was actually kinda hot here too for like a minute. Henri broke out the A/C even though I begged him not to do it. I hate A/C. You should write a book you know. ~Lili

  4. I can't believe we haven't had that nasty jowly sausage fingered friend hit us yet. It's usually nearly 100 by now, but it's still raining recently. Our winters usually slam into summer and we never see spring. Hope your blast of heat was a temporary one.

    I put that goat picture you sent me up on NGIP today.

    Hope you're having a nice cool weekend!

    - Margaret

  5. We haven't been as hot as usual down this way but it is hot enough!
    Thanks for sending the picture to NGIP.
    It was a picture of Miracle Eve's sister. She has the black ears and Miracle Eve has the white ears.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  6. Just finally catching up on Maine blogs....you must must must think about writing sometime between all your other projects. Your description of the day is so perfect..I could feel the sweat dripping, smell the oppressive heat, and experience everything you wrote. You are truly talented.

  7. Awesome description, I wish I could write like this. :)

    And yes, it was unbearable that day.