Thursday, May 6, 2010

If These Walls Could Talk...

They'd be screamin'.  Really they would.  The walls are plaster and lathe.  I know this becuase I have brutally  torn the wallpaper from them about five times since we've lived here. 

It was around this picture that Husband came home and said swear words.  He paced and figured and took out a measuring tape and measured and ran his hands through his hair and said things like, "When you tear one thing down in an old house you are just uncovering ten more things that need to be fixed."  He sighed and said we might as well tear the walls out, insulate (see that blank spot where the mopboard used to be?  No insulation in the living room) and rerun the wiring.  Now remember yesterday.  I absconded with the $1,000.00 we got back on our tax return for this project.  I have already spent $75.00 on wall liner and $10.00 on spackle to fix the wall.  So really, $915.00 now.  I just watched him quietly until he threw up his hands and said, "I don't care, do whatever you want.  You will anyway."  See that's why we're still married.  So I did and now the walls look like this. 

Yes, I started wallpapering.  If you are like some snarky teenager who asks questions like, "What's with the random wallpaper?"  Well, you'll just have to wait to find out.  Brat. 

Come back tommorow to see what happened next!  It will be a HUGE transformation!

Now here are some answers to questions from your comments:  Char, the floor?  Not hardwood, we'll talk about that later.  The mopboards? All different pieces from various projects and floor add ons--has to go.  The pretty window molding, fake wood put on when I had the windows replaced, has to go.  The light fixture?  Don't worry Lily, she'll be back.  Marigold, I loved the wallpaper too, but it was too dark and the walls are crooked and stripes just don't work in this room--had to go.  Wendy, the ship picture is a family heirloom of my husbands.  I hung it there temporarily so it wouldn't get broken and that was the only nail available.  Ok, it was 7 years ago.  I told you I stopped looking at this room.  Anyway, the ship has sailed! 


  1. Wow Lisa! I cannot believe how much you accomplished in just one day. I admire your work ethic, it would take me days to just think about a project like this. And I am just not as handy as you. One thing we have in common....I do as I please too, husband just sputters away. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more.
    Hugs, Kathleen

  2. Oh..... I am in a constant state of this in our 1920's farm cottage. We're doing our kitchen and bath. But ALL the rooms in the house remain after that is done. Uggghhh........ Lookin' good though! lookin' gooooo-oood!

  3. Lisa, You so described the kind of conversation that happens around here too! How funny! Kudos to you tackling this all by yourself. Oh I love tax returns too, but this year it didn't go to anything fun like yours! You're making good progress, can't wait to see more and I just KNEW you would love that light fixture too! I just know you have an awesome plan with that wallpaper too, can't wait to see it! ~Lili

  4. You see, this is the trouble with human males. They always want to *fix* things in a totally BIG, totally unnecessary way. They just lack the ability to picture these things in their mind's eye - which is why any project involving a male will take twice as long as it might have otherwise. I say give them some beer, and of course some Peanuts (but not too many), and send them off to do something else.

  5. Looking good!!! We are fixing up our old house too. Fun but hard work and lots of $$$$