Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Corner Before

Then I found this at the auction for $9.00

Thought it was real wood...it wasn't....it's particle board-like stuff.

But black spray paint blankets a multitude of sins...Ok, it doesn't at all, but it worked in this case.

I added some reproduction depression glass green knobs, added some coat hooks, flowers, well you can see it right here...

The silhouettes, I bought on eBay because the people were from my town.  I think I paid $20.00 for them.  The wooden whisky box I got at auction for $5.00 and there was other stuff in it too..., the figurine (you can't see it due to my wonderful photography abilities) is a cherub with a goat eating grapes, $1.99 at Goodwill; the white milk glass vase, $1.99 at Goodwill.  The pitcher, I've had for years so we'll say 0 for that one.  The black and white etching was a SWEET gift from my lovely bloggy friend Kathleen.  There are goats in it.  OH and the plates, the plates on the wall is a total rip off of the Nester.  'Cept I don't have as much open wall space.  I actually collected enough white plates to go around the whole room, but it was a little much.  So I opted for just two walls.  I like it.  Oh yeah, they were like $5.00 for the ones that you can see.  So in this corner we spent a whopping...$60.00 (well about that with the spray paint and plate hangers and unseen stuff). 

So once more: 

Tommorow, I write on the wall and pick through the garbage.  Yeah, I'm classy that way. 



  1. You rock! Fabulous makeover!


  2. Lisa, this is waaaaay cool. I love the after. Gee, you are one talented lady, Char

  3. This is great. I love it. Can you do my house? :P

  4. Lisa, the "after" is just so elegant and chic. Nice job! I am so glad you are happy with that print....it had you written all over it. It belonged with you. Talk to you soon
    Hugs, Kathleen

  5. Wow. I was wondering if you had gotten buried under old wallpaper! It is nice to see you are still at it and what results you have created! Beautiful! Will you do my barn???

  6. Oh Lisa this is totally fabulous!! Love the goat whimsy too. I love love love your new look. Can't wait to see more! ~Lili

  7. Love it! Looks like it was meant to be there!