Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh bother...

I'm sick of the rain.  The rain makes bad pictures.  The rain makes lots of mud.  The rain makes me sad.  The end.

I made this pincushion but the rain makes bad pictures and it is so much cuter in real life.  Stupid rain. 

Maybe the sun will come out tommorow.  Yeah I'd bet my bottom dollar that tommorow they'll be sun.  Just thinking about....ok I'll shut up now.

Smiles from the soggy, wet, muddy farm,


  1. We be sick of the rain too. It makes for really soggy Peanuts.

  2. Any goat babies on that soggy, wet, muddy Farm?

  3. I hear ya.....hoping for a great week-end! We deserve it. See ya Sat.............hugs, Kathleen

  4. Very cute! You should make another one in retro prints.

  5. We went out in the darkend skies of a rainy evening to retrieve the new baby lamb> The light in the shelter made it hard to get his picture and the calf deep mud made the trip with mom and baby back to the barn, less than fun. Suck the boots right off ya! Can't wait till real spring comes to Maine. Alex