Friday, March 19, 2010

Shall we dance?

Did you know that I am a very good dancer?  I mean grace just leaches from my very pores.  I glide through my life with poise and control like nothing you have ever seen.  I shall be idolized for all eternity for my skill and balance.  It is what I am known for.  I am like Baryshnikov, Ginger Rogers, Martha Graham, Gerald Ford...wait...what?

I haven't posted lately because I tripped over my camera UCB cordy thingy and broke it, so I can't add pictures.  I should be getting the new one today or tommorow, if I can make it to the mailbox without falling over.  Keep your fingers crossed.


ADDENDUM:  USB-UCB, whatever, I broke it.  Also, anyone follow Pioneer Woman?  Did you read today?  A movie.  She is having a movie made of her life.  Please comment, I'm dying to know what other bloggers are thinking. 


  1. awww...I would have driven right there with my spare one for you...I always enjoy your posts that much!! Oh, and re your comment about my cookie cutters, you got me laughing again ...I thought the santa claus one was a bird too!
    c ya l8tr allig8tr! ~Lili

  2. Yep I take after my mom. She said that our middle names should have been Needless to say we are big clumsy women and always falling down but we at least have a sense of humor about it. Nothing like a black and blue butt!

  3. A movie? Reese Witherspoon? Wow! That's all I gotta say!
    I've been bugging to have her as a guest for a year. Maybe now they will. Her and Reese.
    Stay upright Lisa.