Friday, November 20, 2009

The sacrifices we make as parents...

As I waited in line with my child, I cautiously stole glances at the other people here.  Some looked perfectly healthy, and some were pale and tired. 

There was no guarantee that once we got to the front of the line that we would be able to proceed.  It seemed as if there had been a miscalculation and not everyone would get through.  I wondered if they would come pick the lethargic ones out of the crowd and move them to the front.  Afterall, they seemed to need this more than us. 

I could have waited for this, or done without it entirely.  However, I had to think of my child.  It was for her that we were here.  No line was too long for her. 

My back straightened and I held my breath at every sneeze, cough and raspy intake of breath.  Certainly the military precision of the employees could have afforded a moment to pass out surgical masks, especially in this environment.  I stifled my reflex to cover my baby's face.  She smiled up at me and I reassuredly squeezed her shoulder.  "It won't be long now." I whispered.  She nodded and leaned closer to me.  Loud, firm voices directed the lines and kept order amongst the masses. 

Just last week there had been a flu clinic at the auditorium and the line had snaked around the building and down the street.  Then this week the middle school had held a clinic in the gym.  We had attended neither. 

We finally reached the front of our line, the nice young man in the crisp uniform held out his hand for our paperwork and as I handed him our "New Moon" tickets,  I fervently hoped that the rest of these idiots had gotten their shots, 'cause not only did I have to suffer through this ridiculous movie, I really didn't want to end up with the stupid flu. 

Smiles from the (Mom of the Year) farm,


  1. I bet you really felt drained after seeing that movie. I heard someone say that movie really bites. You have to admit sitting through it really pales in comparison to your well deserved Mother of the Year Award! (That's it...that's all I got.)

  2. Fear not. I quite understand. After all we live with the Little UnDead. I simply refuse to go to Forks with him though. Simply R-E-F-U-S-E.

  3. My Hubby, knowing that I read the books, bought tickets on Friday to see it. It was a lot of fun to be in amongst all the girls gasping and clapping. I just want to slap Bella, girl, smile!
    Team Jacob!

  4. You are mom of the year! I hate to admit it, but, I am going to see the movie. After the teens and tweens clear out a bit. I liked the books. I too want to smack Bella. She needs ECT or Prozac or something.

  5. My 31 year old daughter has read the books and can't wait to see the movie. I just don't get it, but I think it may be that the auther is just a regular person, just like a neighbor, or a sister, aunt or cousin. I will go and I will watch, and I will enjoy every minute of it, wether I like it or not because that is what is important to her.....just like you!!! Good moms rule for sure, AND God forbid, I DON'T WANT THE FLU EITHER.....Char

  6. Ha! So, was it worth it? And are you feeling achy? Or sniffly? Or did you make it out there uninfected?