Friday, November 13, 2009


Oh good.  This is just what we need!  I mean really how can we go another winter without one of these?  Oh it was free?  WONDER-freaken-FUL.  Lovely, just peachy.  What a great deal. 

I mean what could go wrong?  Oh, you're going to use it to RACE with.  Perfect.  Good idea.  Why didn't I think of that?  That's brilliant. 

But don't we already have one of those?  I mean it may be missing the windshield, and the handle bars, but it's still good right? 

Now remind me again how it came to be sans windshield and handlebars.  Jeesh, now what was it that happened?  Something about going really fast on a frozen pond and losing control and three hours in the ER and numerous stitches, fractured eye sockets, fear of brain damage (verdict's still out on that one) and swelling.  No, doesn't ring a bell?  Hmmmm....well maybe this will jog your memory...

Dear Lord, thank you for not making me a boy.  They are dumb.  Amen.

Smiles from the (well insured) farm,


  1. I believe it should be a law for boys (and yes, men become boys when around these toys) not to ride a snowmobile.....

    but I remember a tumble I took (following the hubby) when doing a swing around at the top of a steep hill, standing up so I wouldn't slide backwards, boobs hit the kill switch.....nuff said.

    We do not own snowmobiles any longer :)

  2. Lisa, I can see you married an outdoorsman, my man sits behind a desk all we need ins for that??!! I have to laugh, because my husband can't hammer a nail without injury.....what's up with that!!?? Char

  3. Lisa, we deal with this every winter in the ICU at EMMC. My very favorite is the snowmobile accident that happened in June. Now that is a story to tell! It seems that all these patients are male too. Hmmm.....

  4. This looks so familiar only substitute the snowmobile with a dirt bike. We now have AFLAC.

  5. Boys with toys, it's a bad combo. What are we to do? Hugs, Kathleen

  6. Oy. Doesn't he know you're supposed to STAY in the barn when it snows?