Monday, November 9, 2009


So this was an exciting weekend.  I temporarily fixed the goat fence ('cause goat fences are never permanently fixed-argh.)  I marked off my garden for next year and planted 50 cloves of garlic.  And I got a new addition to my little farm.  She's lovely.  So sweet and hard working.  Loyal, generous and intelligent. 

I wonder if there could be a more perfect companion?

I've decided to name her Bea.  She has many, many sisters.  I have named them all Bea too.  Except for that one up in the corner.  Her name is Judy. 

I have wanted bees for about 10 years.  At first I listened to everyone who told me that that was nuts. Then I was too busy.   Then I didn't have the money.  And then as if by fate or kizmit or devine providence I subscribed to a nice little blog called Mainely Ewes Farm.  After a few posts I realized that I had gone to bee school with Alex and Kelly and so we've chatted and shared some information and then I got an email last week from Kelly asking if I would be interested in their empty bee equipment because she was focusing more on her big animals.  I said YES, yes, why yes I would and she said all I had to do was come pick the empty hives and all of the equipment up and YEE HAW, I was going to be able to buy some bees this winter and have bees in the spring, EXCEPT she emailed me the day of the pickup and said that with the warm weather, she realized that the hives were not empty-in fact they were full of bees.  Now in hindsight I should have probably taken her advice to just pick them up in spring.  But, I wanted those bees right then.  So, long story short, I drove about 40 miles home with two live bee hives in the back of my van.  I kind of wanted to get stopped for speeding.  But I didn't and we all arrived home safely and I am so happy.  I love my bees.  Thank you Kelly, so much. 

Smiles from the (buzzing) farm,


  1. That is great! I too have been toying with the idea of getting bees so I will follow your adventure closely.
    Bee Happy!

  2. Judy is definitely my favorite...I'm sure it was her that kept them all in line on your ride home. Yikes! Girl! This will be so cool to learn about bees from you. And think of all the things you can make from beeswax and goat's milk. What a wonderful new adventure...there's a beekeeping school?

  3. Judy is obviously a philosopher bee.

  4. "Bee" live it or not, this city girl always thought it would be great to raise bees. I think that idea came from none other than Martha Stewart!!!! You are lucky and I can't wait to hear about all the adventures you are going to have, no stings tho. Char

  5. I love that you named each and every one of them. It shows how much you really care. Personally I have my doubts about Judy, but we'll see.