Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Who does that?

Our house was built in 1900. It is a small cape cod style house with two attic bedrooms and we need more. So we have decided to move the summer kitchen and build an addition. Note, I did not say we are tearing down the summer kitchen. No, we are MOVING it. Slowly. Like it's been a year in the making. Well the floor is now gone and there are the neatest things in there. There are old bottles, a broken bed warmer, old toys, shards of pottery, lots of soles to shoes? I don't know why.

Well it is nice and dusty and the chickens have taken a liking to getting in there and scratching and stuff. Well how lovely, they dug this up from it's eternal resting place to torment and terrify me. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING PICTURE IS GROSS, STOP NOW IF YOU WANT TO SLEEP PEACEFULLY TONIGHT:

Yup, that's what it is. It's a cat mummy. Great. I made the terrible mistake of expressing my disgust and disdain for said cat mummy to the others in this house who previously had claimed to love me. Now I have people chasing me with a dead freaking cat. They've named it Fluffy. Am I wrong to find this NOT COOL? I mean really, who does that? And please note that I have no idea WHO this cat is or how long it has been buried under my shed. My cats are all accounted for.

Smiles (and shudders) from the farm,


  1. Now you will be haunted by the ghost of the long-dead cat. Ooooooo! Be sure to listen for mysterious litter-box scratchings in the middle of the night.

  2. I'm a little bit sick. Not from being scared but from laughing myself silly at just the thought of you running around FREAKING OUT!

    :) I'd have paid good money to see that!


  3. oh my...thats a bit freaky!!! Id dont blame you Id be freakin out too!!!!

  4. I would have loved to seen all the people that went before you. What interesting finds, and so much history.
    The cat thingy I can do without, but you just have to wonder how and why it was there. Maybe someones loving pet and that is where they buried it. I would recommend another burial and this time......for keeps! Char

  5. A dead cat seems like a normal thing to find under a house...but shoe soles? You have to wonder why? But, I must admit, the cat mummy is just in time for Halloween. It would be a good thing to scare the trick or treaters with. hugs, Kathleen

  6. Fluffy? Oh that's too funny...wonder where they get their sense of humor! heehee

  7. I was reading your post and thinking how cool to find those things and then the darn cat came up. Thank you for the laugh. I'm still smileing. Oh, thank you for the goat schoot info. We are both going and have sent in our form. Are you going? Thanks again,

  8. Will you think less of me if I tell you how cool the cat mummy is? When my doggies cross the Rainbow Bridge, I'm going to leave them somewhere for a future owner to find. Either that, or have them stuffed and made into lamps.

  9. All of this stuff is so cool! You should contact U of Maine and see if their archaeology people are interested.