Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nanny Goats in Panties and Ashton Kutcher love me...

I will be the first to admit that I don't get all the nuances of blogging. I don't know how to Tweet and I only just get the rudimentary aspects of Facebook. I am sooooo old. But what I do understand is that there are some blogs out there that I have to read the minute they have a new post. There is a whole list of them over there---> No, down. Down more...ok there. See 'em! I LOOOOOOVE my blog list. Sweet blogs, and farm blogs and funny blogs and Maine blogs and I even have three goat blogs from Washington, which is far, far away from Maine. Some of my blog favorites are sweet ladies with nice manners, some are loud chicks who sometimes swear a little, some are both (I'd be willing to bet, most are both some of the time!) Some of them have giveaways. None of them have ever given anything away to me. UNTIL last week! Nanny Goats in Panties had some pens. She was giving them away to the first ten people to comment. I was number 19. So I very politely and smoothly asked her if I could have one.

Me: Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen? Can I have a pen?

N.G.I.P.: Holy crap, stop it. I'll send you a pen!

And she did! Isn't that nice? I plan on writing a Goat Manifesto with my pen. Or checks for school lunch.

So not only did she send me a pen, she sent me TWO. Unfortunately, one was promptly absconded with. There is some urban myth about me stealing other peoples precious pens and losing them and so payback being the person that she is, I didn't fuss. I'd show you the N.G.I.P. pen, but I can't seem to lay my hands on it right now. You can go to her blog and check them out though, they are lovely pens.

So dear, dear Margaret, I made you a little sumpin, sumpin. I'll post pictures after she gets it, I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Oh and one time Ashton Kutcher sent me his picture, cause I did a Girl Scout thing with my troop and we wrote to movie stars and he was the only one that responded. It's not a real photo and the signature is printed. Therefore, I did not make him anything.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Oh my sweet Lisa, I have my giveaway every month for the next 3 months. You know I love you, keep trying girlfriend. Maybe you could send me your address just in case, you never know, Char

  2. Oh, and wanted to say be sure you sign up for the shabbylaneshops giveaway. It's also everymonth, lots and lots of great things in there. Go to my blog for the details and the gadget, good luck,

  3. When you write the Goat Manifesto, will you be publishing it in the Bangor Daily? I hope this dosen't mean innocent goats will be kid-napped?
    I love your blog Lisa, you always make me SMILE! Hugs, Kathleen

  4. I would give you a Peanut, even though I don't look anything like Ashton Kucher. However, I can't seem to find any. I wonder why that keeps happening.

  5. Ashton Kutcher and I have something in common, can you guess what it is?

    1. very attractive, but much older spouse
    2. we both own Cool Pix cameras
    3. syndactyly toes

  6. what the heck are syndactyly toes? Is that when you have 6 toes? Is it when your toes look like thumbs?

    Anyway, crack me up!!!!!

    And wow! I don't know if ANYONE has ever mentioned NGIP specifically in their post title. Wow!

    did I mention, wow?

    And I'm almost certain I fawned over your banner picture out loud before and I'm going to do it again. I don't know if there's a cuter picture around.


  7. Hey from a Washington goat blog, I got two pens as well and gave one to another Washington goat blogger. Just sharing the love. NGIP is a very funny blog!

  8. Asthon Kutcher has webbed toes?! Wow, I am so lucky 'cause if he had send me a real picture with a real signature, I was going to knit him rainbow toe socks. How embarrasing would that have been? Phew.

  9. Dont forget about my giveaway it ends on the 25th so you best be getting over there and signing up for it....hurry hurry