Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Then there's this guy...

Who sometimes smiles so hard we worry that he'll hurt himself...

He is the cream in our cofee, the frosting on our pop tarts, the laces in our boots... If he could talk it would sound like a song, if he could walk, blue birds and butterflies would follow...

You know the James Taylor song that goes, "Whenever I see your smiling face, I've got to smile myself..." well that's Liam.

Every day is the Fourth of July, Christmas and the first day of Spring for him.  Thanks Little Bud, for the perspective.  We couldn't do this without ya'...


  1. Awwww and more awwwww. They are both angels.

  2. Oh Lisa--they are both God's little angels! Beautiful-the smiles are fabulous! Blessings to you!

  3. Lisa, he is a sweet boy. He is light. It shines from his eyes. Muah to ya.

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  5. Precious angels don't have to talk or walk, they just are. We are so fortunate to get to love them and have them in our lives, Char