Friday, March 18, 2011

And then it got REALLY weird....

I have been sitting here for ten minutes with my fingers poised over the keys trying to begin to tell you about my week.  It just can't be done.  You wouldn't even believe me if I could tell you.  So I will just stick with the definable truths...

Jake is doing well physically.  He is still suffering from a little PTSD and needs lots of reassurance that he is not a bad boy.   I am anxious for him to regain his confidence.  I don't do well with needy men. 

Jake was hit on Tuesday.  It was a slow motion kind of day, scary and introspective.  One of those days that you can't wait to be over.  Well on Wednesday it got weirder.  There were police and ambulances involved.  The elementary school was put on a visual lock down so that we could exit without scaring the other children.  Then there were tazers and 16-year old daughters being hauled out of school.  A report of a vicious dog.    Continuous phone calls to check on our well being and a video camera focusing on the not so decorated and lovely aspects of our home.  Then, of course,  a goat went into labor, because, yeah, why wouldn't that happen...

Everyone is ok.  No one was arrested (or even close-it's actually a pretty funny story.  When I stop shaking, maybe I'll share it).  My house is still standing...for now (another surreal story, that I'm just watching unfurl in a haze of confusion).   The goat looked around at all of this and said, no thank you, I'll wait a few days. 

On Thursday we called in sick to school and stayed in our pajamas and watched Spider-man cartoons and ate pancakes for supper and felt blessed to be able to do that.   In light of the horror that is happening in Japan,  we are so very blessed and humble for a week wherein the pieces have fallen back in place, askew and worn perhaps, but at least somewhat in order. 

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Yikes. When it rains it pours! Hope everything smooths out and gets better for you and your family. And poor Jake. :(

  2. Oh Lisa, I feel so badly for Jake. Hopefully your household will be back to normal in no time. You have been through enough. Thinking of you and have to say that at least you still have your sense of humor, Char

  3. What a week! You deserve a nice calm weekend.

    P.S. I hope you don't my borrowing a photo of yours for Goat Thing of the Day today.

  4. Oh My - I thought only I had those kind of weeks - BIG HUGS and hope that things slow down to a manageable crawl. I will send calm thoughts as soon as I calm myself down. Again, Hugs.

  5. I have one word that seems to fit perfectly - OY.

  6. It sounds like you have one doozy of a story for us Lisa. So glad to see Jake hanging out at home! ~Lili

  7. Well weird sure does sound like a good word for the parts you told us about! But at least it sounds like everyone is OK-so take care-have a calm weekend! Get ready for just a touch of snow on Monday I hear! But it's MELTING!!

  8. The week from you know where!! Hope Jake continues to get better. Deep breath and another....You will feel better soon.