Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Homemade Hair Cut

Or How to Make Sure Your  Son Isn’t Mistaken For a Girl or Justin Bieber

Imagine, if you will, a time when a 5-year-old boy needs a haircut. In the muggle world this is probably a non-issue. In our world it is hysterical.

1. Prepare. First you need to get a cat. Preferably an un-neutered male cat, feral and rabid. Now make him mad. I mean really, really mad. Perhaps get a Democrat cat and tell him that you like Sarah Palin’s glasses. Okay. Now put him in the washing machine, climb in with him and have someone hand you scissors. Turn washing machine on spin. Have cat, washing machine & scissors ensemble delivered to Super Cuts. Say that you need a little boy’s haircut. Of course it will sound more like, “Thunk, splash, ouch, Meow, I drive a Prius!”
Anyway, once you have dabbed the 5-year-old ears and neck with Neosporin, dispensed anti-anxiety medication to the other patrons at Super Cuts, please pay the $10.00 for the cut and $20.00 for a tip. Please don’t forget to add a little for therapy. You can leave the cat too. Leave Super Cuts and don’t feel bad when they put the closed sign up each time you drive by.


2. Do it yourself. Just don’t let anyone get too close to him for the next two weeks and if they do, tell them his father did it.

Little Bud
Gotta' Love him!

You’re Welcome,


  1. Love this post... made me laugh out loud...really. ;)

  2. Ha! Love this post. But tell me, what is it that makes it so hard to cut a kid's hair. Can they not sit still because they are too fidgety? Or do they throw a temper tantrum of some kind?

  3. I once cut my son's ear which turned into his mullet period because he would let anyone near him with a pair of scissors.
    Nice hair Little Bud!

  4. Lisa, great cute, why pay for it, you did a perfect job and he a adorable. I could kiss that face, Char

  5. Hey that looks much better than what Super Cuts could do anyway! Little Bud is soooo adorable, pre haircut too. Awww Mom you done good! ~Lili

  6. Hey, Little Bud. It's like getting your hooves trimmed. It's one of life's non-pleasures. But at least sometimes you get Peanuts at the end. That makes it somewhat acceptable.

  7. Haven't seen anything much cuter than Little Bud's picture. And that chair in your previous post came out amazing. Such talent..........

  8. I feel an overwhelming desire to kiss those cheeks!!!

  9. Aw, what a little cutie! He looks FULL of mischief. It's all over that face. You did a great job and he looks just fine. I don't see any blood. And it was FREE! The best part. I always cut my kids hair and still do now. My youngest is 29. I cut my grandkids hair too. And the hubby.