Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow Day

The only food to eat on a snow day is soup but why does my vegetable peel pile always look like this? 

Jake liked the snow but he seemed a bit suspicious...as if we had put the snow there to distract him from the fact that we were going somewhere in the car without him.

Mr. Rooster stood here for a while before flopping ungracefully back to the hen house...

The babies came out to play. 

So that was fun....when's Spring?



  1. Your baby goats are just too adorable. We are not allowed to have goats here in Millinocket. Bah-Bah!

  2. I am right there with ya. I am so ready for spring and it's not even winter yet. It's freezing here in Ga. But at least there's no white stuff here. I have to haul water to the critters though. Their water is one gigantic ice cube every morning.

  3. UGH! All four letter words are off limits until after the Christmas mail rush is over. You can have it all you want up there.

  4. Oh Lisa, you have snow, you lucky girl!!! It was in the 70's here today, Char

  5. Soup sounds good, and unfortunately I totally relate with the bandaids. Although I just cut up a butternut squash with no missing digits! Oh those baby goats are just darlin'! Loving the snow, now that it's gone from the roads. xo ~Lili

  6. Those are awesome baby goats. Makes me proud of my Nigerian half. I sure hope they like Peanuts.