Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The days are getting short.  The sun starts to head for the hills at around 5:30 these days.  Tonight I had to run down back to grab my flashlight so I could feed the goats and as I tripped down the driveway thinking 'bout the things I do when no one else is around me, I just happened to look into the back field. 

I know my photographic skills are awe inspiring.  Hey it was dark.  I ran back to the house, up over the stairs, breathlessly saying something about a deer, horns, in the back field.  I grabbed my camera.  Husband grabbed not a camera but an implement of destruction.  At this point I paused and kicked myself for sharing.  Don't get me wrong, I am not an anti-hunter.  But I had already named this deer and he was my friend and his name is Harold.  I didn't want him to get dead.  So as all supportive wives do, I started shouting, "RUN Harold!, RUN!"  I was told later this was ridiculous. 

But Harold ran my friends, Harold ran.  Good ol' Harold. 

Smiles from the farm,


  1. I have no idea when hunting season begins or ends, but RUN HAROLD, RUN!!!! Char

  2. Harold? That's the name you came up with? Now how did your hubby know you were talking to the deer? It was dark outside LOL!

  3. Okay. I know it's past Halloween, but did you just see my post about zombie deer? Are you absolutely sure this wasn't a zombie deer. Oh, dear ... I mean deer.

  4. I too am not anti hunting but I have been known to play the music very loudly at the back of the barn, speakers facing the woods, during hunting season. I like to share with the deer. Keep them happy. They love Reba. I'm just sayn.

  5. you are a good deer momma....i herd them saying just the other day how much they trusted and loved you
    Hugs, Kathleen

  6. And just think it's about to get darker even earlier in a few days! I'm sure deer Harold will always remember your special bond! ~Lili