Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Smartest Dog Breed...

So all the broilers are in the freezer.  I had a meltdown about Hour 12 of the process.  I'm over it.  I swore I would  never butcher another chicken for as long as I live.  It's hard.  I'll do it again next year. 

So having grossed a lot of you totally out, here's a story for the supper table.  I made sure the puppy stayed in the house during the whole operation.  So after everything was done and cleaned up and put away and I was standing in the kitchen with a glass of wine and a twitchy eye, I heard "hgmmmmlurrrrp".  Well right in the middle of this meaningful phrase I looked at Husband.  I believe it was right around "hgmmm..." and said, "Did the dog get out?"  And right in the middle of him saying, "No", so right around "N-" The puppy ended his meaningful soliloquy with "Harggggck!"  and all that I was trying to erase from my brain was expounded once more right at my feet.  The innards that were made outards, were wonderfully made innards once more AAAANNNDDD then once more outards.    Husband's interupted denial of puppy egress..."Nnnn-Ooooh (wincing)---maybe? Yup, I guess so.  Sorry."  Oh Lord.

Then in the morning having sensed the blood in the air, our dear puppy thought it would behoove him to try his own plucking.  Though his chicken was a little more than a baby and not dead.  I came across it at the bottom of the stairs laying on it's back with no feathers left-but alive, barely.  I picked it up and it opened it's little eyes and looked at me.  "WTF!" it gasped.  (Sorry for the swears, it wasn't me.  It was the CHICKEN). 

A few hours under a heat lamp and some sugar water and it came right back to rights.  He/she will be fine.  The puppy however is not allowed unsupervised while in the outsides anymore.   He does show signs of remorse, however. 

Smiles from the farm,

I'm vewwwy, veweey sowwwy.  It will never happen again.

Hey, look, a chicken! 


  1. My puppy likes chickens too.... I am hoping he doesn't decide to do anything except chase them.

  2. Never a dull moment. Gotta love em though. I have to keep both eyes on Lucy and Emma when they are out. They rightfully feel that any chicken that gets into their yard belongs to them. They too have plucked one or two birds. Thank heavens they are hardy birds and live. Bad puppy. Scratch under the chin and a pat on the head. You are still loved.;)

  3. Dottie is so cute, and so is the look of your new blog header. I love it, so retro!
    Puppies...I hope you survive the puppyhood.
    Hugs, Kathleen

  4. Like Mama, like puppy for sure. I already ate earlier tonight so I'm good! For some reason yesterday I forgot to tell you how cool your new blog look is. ~Lili

  5. OMG! How funny, just became a follower. I have 2 Borders and they both herd my chickens. And keep the rooster away from me! Love your blog!

  6. Cute dog! We have not tried processing our own chickens but I bet it is a tiring, messy job.

  7. Those pictures cracked me up - oh look! a chicken!

    Also, I'm laughing at your expense as well over the part where he tries to say that the puppy didn't get outside and he gets out "N-" before puppy barfs up the evidence. Awesome! Sorry, but that was awesome.

    I do hope your twitchy eye is better, though.

  8. The city girl just has to admit you lost me when the head came off. I had to turn away. Gross no, just sad.......but, afterall, you have to eat, so who am I to complain. When I buy my chicken the the plastic, it has no head or inners, so someone had to remove it, right???? Maybe, it was born that way! (I know, wishful thinking) Char
    I think I need more goat stories.....HA!