Monday, September 20, 2010

Mad, mad, mad, mad men....

I know that most of you don't watch Mad Men.  I don't know why, but I know that you don't.  You have lives and participate in activities that do not include fictional characters.  La-Ti-Da.  But I just neeeeeed to say this, I'll make it quick and ever after I will only talk about baby goats and puppies, antiques, my garden and more stuff about puppies.  OK. 

OMG they killed Ms. Blankenship.  I just don't know why.  Poor dear.  Now what happened to Don saying that walking Dr. Miller to the door was as far as he could go right now?  Next thing you know they're knocking lamps off his bed stand.  My goodness.   Did Joan and Roger really do IT standing up in that yucky alley way.  That's just gross.  WHY can't Sally live with her dad?  That little chick is going down the wrong path.  Someone needs to do something.  And it sure isn't going to be Betty.  Blech, I hate me some Betty let me tell you.  Then holy cow I was almost certain that they were going to make Peggy a lesbian.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  Just not Peggy.  She needs a nice man who treats her like an equal and is sensitive and kind and smart and plays the guitar.  Ok that's what MY criteria is---was---whatever.   Finally, my god people-have a Pepsi or something enough with the booze.  Jeesh. 

Phew.  Thank you for humoring me.  Now back to our regularly scheduled program. 

(Don't worry we have no idea what she's talking about either. )


  1. I'm gonna' have to get a TV in the barn.

  2. Well I have never heard of that program, where have I been? I'm pretty sure though that I had one of those dresses in high school.
    Nancy Jo

  3. You are so funny Lisa, you DO make me want to watch that show though just to see what in the heck all that was about!! ~Lili

  4. Never watched it, never heard of it, but I will say they look like they are Stepperd Wives. What am I missing, I have to ask?? Char