Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What to Expect When Your Goat's Expecting...

So, um Dottie, when are those babies coming?  They should've been here today. 

They'll get here when they get here.  These things can't be rushed.  Besides, I just don't feeeeel like having babies today. 

and how do you REALLY know that I'm going to have babies at all?  What signs have I shown you that something like that is even going to happen?

You're HUGE and your udder is full and five months ago today you went on a date with Romeo.  I'm not that bright, but I'm a thinkin' you gonna have some babies. 

Well we'll just have to wait and see now won't we.  Perhaps I will have Skittles instead, or orange Starbursts, Swedish Fish or Twizzlers-I do so prefer candy to babies. 

But Dottie, I really want little goat babies!

Meh, babies are overrated.  Look at this thing you brought home the last time you had a yearning for a goat baby.  Haven't we learned from THAT mistake.  And really couldn't you have found one with real legs? Freakish is what that thing is. 

So about those babies?


Smiles from the farm, with no babies...


  1. You just need to up the ante. I bet she'd do it for Peanuts.

  2. She looks uncomfortable...poor girl hopefully it will be soon.

  3. They will be here before you know it...I bet as I write this they are here.

  4. KIDS! That's what you expect when your goat is expecting...

  5. Oooooh I have been away, and surely by now there is news....
    Have you yet thought of what you want your goat grandbabies to call you? ~Lili

  6. LOL! They do love to make us wait!