Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So today is the 157th day of Dottie's pregnancy.  For my goatie friends, you know what that means.  For everyone else, well that means that there ain't gonna' be no babies. 

She seems pretty torn up about it. 

So what have I learned?  Well, I have learned that you should not give "pregnant" goats extra feed because they're expecting.  This just makes them fat and tricks you into thinking that they are going to have babies.  Oh and don't count your baby goats before they are born.  They should make some sort of saying that people could say all the time when they make plans for something before they know exactly what is going to happen with the possibility of being disappointed by the plan not working out.  Or I guess you could just say that, seems long and confusing though. 

Anywho...It's really sad that there won't be any little baby goat children on the farm this year, with all the jumping and cuteness.  Not even one little tiny goat child....


Or, maybe a tiny little goat child will come live here in hopes of being a big brawling buck and we won't have to leave the farm to procure more baby goat children.   


And maybe a sweet little doe friend of his will come too and maybe she will have eyes so blue that even Dottie will be impressed.

Ok, maybe not that last part.

Smiles from the farm!


  1. Oh pooh, I was so hoping to see pics of baby goats too! Maybe next time :)

  2. Well, obviously Dottie is just more discerning about who she allows to get close to her. Hmmm...does this mean that a new 'man' has come to live on the farm then? What's his name? Is he a hunk??? Does he care for Peanuts 'cuz if he doesn't he can't be any kind of a man in my estimation.

  3. Dottie sure pulled your leg! Ours as well -grin-.

  4. What! Sneaky Dottie. That is why I got my own buck. It is easier opening a few gates than throwing them in the car for a smelly ride.

  5. That is a let down for you I am sure! Sorry, boy she will do anything for some extra food! Hahaha

  6. Bummer! Well you know my motto, "Life is all about how you handle plan B", and it sounds like you came up with a good plan B. He's soo cute... I mean handsome.