Thursday, June 18, 2009

Compost happens...

My garden is in shambles.

However, this is growing in the compost pile. Black beans and squash. How lovely and lush they are. Next year, I'm just throwing the seeds in the poop pile and walking away.

Stupid gardening.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Hi Lisa, I guess "what" goes in, must come out!! It's a surprise for sure......that must be why you find tomatoes growing in the strangest mother found a tomato plant in her front yard, growing in rocks on top of black plastic. She salvaged the little bugger and potted it. Now it's a couple feet tall and has blooms. She has no idea if it will bare foot, so to be continued.....ya just never know. Char

  2. You are so funny! But that IS a good idea...those plants look amazing!

  3. Snicker...we have pumpkins growing in ours. :)

  4. Oh, Mother, I'm sorry about the chicken! I'm not doing a very good job guarding them, am I? But the plants were all Ben, I sware, cross my kitty heart!

    -Your cat, Precious

  5. How funny! It seems like those garden veggies will grow anywhere except where you are trying to grow them sometimes.