Sunday, June 7, 2009

Breeds of Birds...

Widdle iddy-biddy baby bird

Momma of the Widdle iddy-biddy baby birds

Getta outta my-ah face Bird

Scaredy Bird

Wanna-be-a-momma Bird (who is laying on 12 old eggs I found in the shed, that are more than likely not fertile, but she is SOOOO happy to have them. Poor dear.)

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Cute pictures and captions to go with them!

  2. That's the life....just a few eggs to make you happy! I have a lot of finches at my bird feeder, and today a nice wood-pecker. Sometimes it's the simple things that make you a wood-pecker, or sitting on eggs. Higs, Kathleen

  3. oh, poor I wanna be a momma bird. I feel badly for her, but I am sure she is so very happy right now. Wonder how long she will wait before (if ever) she gives up the eggs, great post, Char