Friday, May 24, 2013


Lilacs are here.

And that's all I have.  Which leads me to blogging dead?  I've been posting on my No. 10 Antiques  Facebook page in a kind of mini-blogging way.  I have more than three times as many "followers" or "likes" as I do on the blog.  I post three or four times a day, share other's pictures and likes and am really enjoying the interaction part of it.  But I know that some of my bestest blog friends don't do Facebook, so I don't want to totally abandon this I won't but I feel it's just so much easier to connect with people over there.  Anyway--just thinking out loud.  Or writing out loud...whatever.

Have a lovely day!



  1. Hey lisa. It's Mardy. I just joined fb recently and have been giving it a try as well. My emotions are mixed.I feel like my blogspot followers are really supportive and friends I will have forever. I don't know half the people on my fb. And the other day I mentioned something about things happening for a reason on my fb page and it started a whole religous disagreement! It was pretty scary and would have never happened in my blogging world. I actually feel like fb is over for me.LOL!
    I am going back to my roots.

  2. I fb, blog and intstagram.... it is tiring! I feel blogging is more personal but takes so much more time!!! Facebook is so instance and instagram is mind boggling how far you can reach people with so little dialog. I feel the pull of the blog to keep going but I struggle with mine to be consistent now a days. Good luck. xoxoxoxo