Monday, June 24, 2013

Sock it to 'em....

I can't knit and I don't really know if I want to know how.  It has just bothered me for a very long time that I can't do it.  Sometimes it doesn't matter how many things you can do-it's the things you can't that keep poking you in the back and laughing at you.  Yes, I am fun to be around.  Why do you ask?

So anyway...I saw this:   Authentic Knitting 9"x3" Sock Loom Knitting Board W/Dvd-  at Joann Fabric a few weeks ago and I happened to have a 60% off coupon, so I went for it...

So, yeah I just opened the package and made my first sock in a few minutes.  Ha-ha-ha-ha, snort.  No, I didn't.  There is definitely a learning curve-and swearing-horrible-horrible vulgarities (and there is no warning on the package for that).  I bought sock yarn, which is pretty thin and breaks easily, especially when you are doing the heel.  So I threw the first three tries away and gave the whole thing the stink eye for a few days.  Then I calmed down and decided to use a basic poly yarn.  And look what I did!  I made a sock!  It took me a week, so, I don't see this as a particularly efficient craft, but I did it.  Yes, I chose to make socks for the family member with the smallest feet.

Look at that!  I'm almost entirely self sufficient.  If self-sufficiency is defined by cuffless polyester socks and you know, I'm pretty sure Henry David Thoreau carved that in a tree once.  It's a beautiful statement.

So now I have to work on doing a ribbed cuff.  It looks easy, so I'm sure I'll finish them right around the time they stick me in the old folks home.  So there's that to look forward to!

Smiles from the farm,

This is not a paid post, but if you purchase this from the Amazon link, they'll throw me a few coins.


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Will it fit a goat? The color would look fabulous on me. :) The Goatmother thinks socks are like the holy grail of knitting but since she is a crotch knitter (No kidding. How embarrassing is that? She has to hold one needle in her crotch) she will likely never achieve a sock. Scarves and hats are more her speed. You go!

    1. No judgement on crotch knitting here...I milk my goats upside down. Really, I stand up and kind of wrap my hands down and that my hands are upside down on the that weird? Yeah, it probably is but it's comfortable for me...So whatever works, right?

  2. Ha ha, thanks for the honesty about not whipping that sock out in ten minutes. You ALMOST had me click away to buy one immediately until I got to the one whole week part. I wish there was a quick cheater's version of knitting. I just do not have the patience for it (yet) no matter how much I love the idea of knitting.

    1. Oh, there is a cheater's version! It's so easy. Step one: Open your wallet and give the contents to the lady at the craft table at the farmer's market! Easy Peasy. :o) Thanks for stopping in Amber!