Thursday, February 7, 2013

Where I've Been...and Where I'm Going...

In my never-ending quest for self enlightenment...wait...let's read that read that first part again...Snort-- that's kind of pretentious isn't it?  And a lie.  I am far from questing for anything.  Well I'd cut a b*tch for a Family Sized bag of Doritos but I don't believe that counts as a quest.

What was I saying?  Oh yeah.  This is a new series that I am going to TRY to do at least once a week or month...whatever.  I won't write a big explanation because it's pretty self explanatory really.  But if you'd like to join me and link up in comments that would be fun and very interesting!  Here's basically my plan:  The first part of the post will focus on the place I've come from-the people I have known-the things I've learned and the second will focus on where, who and what I hope to go, meet and do in the future.  Simple.  So here goes....

Where I've been...

This is my mother's mother's mother.  I remember her as Nana.  Looking at her face I see that I have her chin and realize that I have never been grateful enough for her ever being born.  She raised eight children; simply and well.  From what I can dust off and guess at anyway.  How do we appreciate where we're going if we don't respect where we've come from?

Where I'm going:

Or hope to go....There has been a figurative pebble stuck in my shoe for so long that my stride has adjusted to it and it's easy to disregard the discomfort.   I think it  might be time to shake my boot and reacquaint myself to what I 'm suppose to be doing.  A little building that I think must have been a gas station a long time ago is for sale in my town.  It's on the road that eventually leads to the ocean and would make a darling shop.  If it's possible...maybe...

So that's it.  Any takers?  Please link up in the comments!

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Oh, my, that's a WONDERFUL little building! Go for it!!

  2. How darling Lisa...I wish this for you so much! Before I bought and opened up my shop last year I kept
    thinking of my Gr. Grandma too ... my Mom had mentioned to me one day that when she was a teen, my Grammy had a small restaurant on Main St. in Old Town that is now a barbershop. I went there to visit and got permission from the owner to take pics. I think our Nana's can still influence our future!

  3. Hey Lisa, Mardy from Fayette! Bought Alice and Stella.:) Doing great by the way. I love checking in to your blog and I love that you write with such emotion and humor (that I totally get ;) Anyway I love the building and think if you can swing it, you should go for it. If it fails at least you know you tried and better yet if it thrives you will be living the dream. I being a stay at home mom am always trying to think of how I will become rich and famous from my small farm. I'm hoping in a few years goats and chickens will be exctinct but I will have the last flock and herd in the U.S. and people will come for miles to by fresh eggs and goats milk.....did I mention I am bit of a dreamer. But seriously wouldn't it be great to do die knowing we did something we loved! I wish you luck and will stay in touch.

    1. So glad the girls are doing well. We miss them very much! You are so funny but I think you kind of have to be a bit dreamy and quirky to own goats-it's how we recognize our kind in the general public!! ;o)