Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Question...

I received this comment on my New Project post.

Awesome question.  Really good.  Fine inquiry.

What?  Oh.  Ummm, my goodness,  I don't know!

Ok,  I will try to sum it up as best as I can.  Some of you know that my journey in parenting is at the least....precarious.  I have two little boys who are significantly disabled.  Both need 24 hour full care.  This creates a little bit of an employment dilemma for me.  And I would LOVE to work.  I really enjoy being employed-having a purpose-responsibility-goals-----a paycheck....but I just can't.  The schedule just won't allow it.  They only go to school a few hours in the morning and even that is sporadic due to their health issues.  

The job market for my schedule is very thin.  You know how at the end of job interviews they say something like, "We'd love to hire you to work only when it's convenient for you!  Don't worry about being called home or calling in when you can't find a skilled healthcare provider to care for your kids!  We UNDERSTAND!", said no employer-ever.

So much like Jake the Border Collie herds cats, me, the last two goats, and ladybugs (really----it's weird) I make up things for me to complete.  I've written a bad science-fiction novel, started this blog, started some other ones too-though only this one has stuck, I go on diets-not because I care about my weight-but just to have a working goal.  Sometimes I succeed at my "jobs", sometimes I quit.

So to be perfectly honest, I don't really know why I am making 52 dresses.  I do know that I can sew.  Maybe someone will be interested in watching my progress and the blog will grow, maybe not.  But it's a cheap hobby if you know where to shop and it will satisfy my dormant Type A personality to have some purpose other than butt wiper and couch snuggler.  Parenting special needs kids can be a thankless task.  I more often get oatmeal smeared on my shoulder than a pat on it.  So in sewing 52 dresses, as well as I am able, maybe I will get a few "atta' girls"  from the blog's readers.

Yeah, that's why.  Thanks for asking!  Now we both know.

Smiles from the farm,


  1. It is a good goal, but I don't know too many goats that wear dresses. Come to think of it, not even the Goatmother wears dresses. Ever - as you say. So maybe you need to design barn pants. Four legged and two legged. Now that would be interesting. Though I doubt the four legged ones would go over very well but I suppose you never know. Maybe EBay? Along with a cheese sandwich with Elvis on it? Anyway, honestly, your dresses are very cute. :)

  2. And come to think of it...why isn't your porch pink anymore?

  3. GOAT DRESSES!!! Oh my goodness don't put ideas in my head Marigold!

    I don't even have a porch. Not even a pink one. Though I have a place for one and every year for 15 years I have said, next year I'll have a porch built there. Next year. But really I changed the name because some people hate the color pink and I didn't want to seem like I was excluding anyone. All colored porches are welcome, along with decks, porticos, patios and balconies. I am very open minded.

  4. Aprons could come in handy! The old fashioned kind take less time to sew and might be marketable. Have you seen those feed sack totes?

    1. I DO have a very cute vintage apron pattern. Maybe I'll throw a couple together this weekend...THANKS for the inspiration!

  5. Well I give you a great big 'atta girl'. So there!!! MB

  6. Just found your blog today, you and all caregivers deserve an "atta girl (boy)", daily for your selfless perseverance.

  7. Thank you Nancy! That means so very much.

  8. Oh Lisa this reminds me of when you announced your sweet pin cushion project! Now I must catch up with what I have been missing from you over here!