Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Other Duck

My friend Marigold recently commented on another post about the fate of The Other Duck, and I realized I have never shared with the world that, in fact, The Other Duck is no longer with us.  I mean he's with us as like a substance-like all of his cells and things are still around-they're just not working as a cohesive unit in that thing we all like to call LIFE.  He's dead, is what I mean.

OH-HE WAS A GOOD DUCK...I guess...I mean as ducks go.  I don't mean to sound flippant about the life and times of a duck, but I just cannot keep a duck.  It's sad, because I enjoy having ducks, but bringing them here is a guarantee of imminent demise.  They just won't stay where I want them to and they end up getting eaten.  A little piece of my heart pinches and pokes at me whenever one of my animals passes on, crosses the rainbow bridge, checks out, bites it...and so I shall have no more ducks.

Remember Stan Lee?  Dead.

His girlfriend, Violet, is dead too.  The two black ducks?  Dead.  The other duck brothers?  Dead.  That weird duck that hatched that I bought on ebay?  Pushing daisies.

I still want an emu though.  I'd like to see those damn foxes try to eat one of them!***

***A fox couldn't eat an emu right?  I don't really want to see a fox try to eat an emu unless the emu is a bad ass and just goes all gansta on the fox.  Like the Jack Bauer of emus.*****

*****I have just started watching 24 on Netflix.  It's really good if you can look past the very large cell phones.  When did 2001 become the olden days?

Smiles from the farm,

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  1. Oh, no. Those foxes. We don't have any thankfully. But what does Jake do without his duck? Has he gone into depression and despair with no one to play with? Could he make friends with an Emu? I don't know, though. I kind of picture Emus as the Alpines of the bird world. This would definitely make it not a worthwhile venture in my estimation. I'm just sayin' ...