Saturday, May 19, 2012

Be Forewarned, I Have Found a New Craft....

I have discovered how to stencil T-shirts with freezer paper and bleach and I won't rest until every article of clothing in this house bears an image.  I have started with these two.

THIS IS A VIKING.  My maiden name is Degerstrom and all of my life people have asked me where I am from. I sound Swedish?    My Norse ancestry has instilled in me a love of the following:  Swedish fish, ummm...Volvo's?, Oh----meatballs, Dolph Lundgren and the chef from the Muppet Show.  We are a prideful race.  (Is Swedish a race?)  Anyway my daughter likes vikings so I made this.  Ya.

Us Swedes have a strong appreciation for self-deprecating humor.  Therefore we must honor our hero.

Liz Lemon.

If you want to know how to do this....wait have you been reading my blog for long because I REALLY suck at giving directions.  But essentially you trace an image onto the non-shiny side of freezer paper (not wax paper) cut out the image with an X-acto knife and then iron the stencil-shiny side down onto your shirt.  I put another piece on the inside of the shirt to keep the bleach from bleeding through.  Then you take it outside-OUTSIDE and lightly spray with a 1 part water-1 part bleach solution.  Then you can leave the shirt alone and walk away and let it dry or you can pick it up immediately because you have NO patience and peel the paper off.  If you do this, the image will be a bit smudgy, but that's ok.  Also you may want to cover the parts of the shirt you don't want bleached or you'll get a tie-dye effect.  WHICH I LIKE-THANK YOU VERY MUCH.    It's fun and you could also use fabric paint which would be cool too.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go bleach my face onto my husband's work clothes.



  1. I want to see your face on your husband's work clothes. :)