Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm a Believer....

In 1982 at 7:00 in the morning on Saturdays, before the cartoons began on network TV, they ran old episodes of the Monkees.  I was 12 and because I am prone to obsession, I became obsessed with Davy, Mickey, Peter and Mike.  My mother told me the show had been popular when she had been in high school and they weren't that young anymore.  I didn't care.  My class gift when I graduated high school was a plastic monkey.   I don't remember the poem, but it was something about being obsessed with Davy Jones and the Monkees.  This was 1988, I was weird.  Wait, we may have already determined that. 

In 1984, they had a reunion tour and my mother dropped me and my cousin off at the Bangor Auditorium on a cold winter afternoon.  The Monkees were my very first concert.  We wrote "We Love You Davy" in the snow outside their tour bus.   

I'm terribly sad.  Goodbye Davy.  We Love You. 

****Update:  Ok, I found the poem and the monkey.  The poem goes like this:  "Since Lisa liked the Monkees for the last year or two this stuffed monkey we give to you."  The tense is a little off and I remember being disappointed that this was what I was remembered for.  I mean of all the quirky things I did, they give me a plastic monkey?  It wasn't stuffed.  That was wrong too. 

Oh and I found the program.  It was 1986, not 1984.  I was 16. 

Still sad. 


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  1. Like your Mama I remember him from the first go around in the olden days. I still remember waking up our daughter on the morning of her homecoming game (of which she won Homecoming Queen) with the lyrics from the Daydream Believer song. Wake up sleepy Jean....oh what can it mean.. to a daydream believer...and a Homecoming Queeeeeeen.....! That was so sweet to imagine you girls writing that in the snow for him. So sad that he's gone. ~Lili