Thursday, March 15, 2012


Two Old People Talk About Computers

What kind of computer did you get?

A white one.

Ohhh.  How know...thingy's does it have?


You know....

Ummm....hand flaps?


Sarcastic non-words?  OH, puffed out  Eyerolls?  Do you want to know how many eyerolls it has?


You want to know how many memories it has?  Well there was this one time in '64 when it joined a commune... much memory does it have?

Oh.  Five. 

Five?  It has five memory. 

No?  Um, six.  Yeah, six or seven memories. 

How many giga-whatzies does it have?

Oh, Gigashmirtz?  Lots. 

I don't think gigashmirtz are real things. 

Sure they are.  There are like a million gigashmirtz in a megashmirtz.  Something like that.


Yup, and megashmirtz. 

You need to stop saying that or it's going to stick in our addled brains and we're going to repeat it in polite company.

Gigashmirtz.  Ok, that was the last time. 

Are you going to blog this conversation?

Mmm, I would but I 'm pretty sure it would take up too many gigashmirtz. 

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Oy. This sounds like the Goatmother having a conversation with herself. Gigashmirtz. I'm sorry. I had to say it.

  2. Oh Lisa-I love it-got that tee-shirt!!

  3. Like reading directions to the DVD player and looking for the slot you stick the tape in. Left behind.;)