Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Weekend...or Two Boys and a Drooling Cow...

This weekend I went out of the house, out of the town and out of the State.  I drove a lot and ate a lot of the required traveling foods.  Gummy Bears, Blazin' Buffalo Doritos and Throwback Pepsi (it has REAL sugar-so you know, good for you).  I took the old teenager to her very first concert.  We saw the Avett Brothers...and iffin' you don' t know the Avett Brothers, they are two very nice young men from North Carolina who sing a sort of country mixed with ummmm...lots of gummy bears and real sugar Pepsi.  These boys have lots of energy is what I'm saying.  Here, see for yourself...

Actually if you watched that whole thing, that doesn't even begin to show the energy they put into a live show.  These pictures aren't my fault.  The dude would not stay still...have you ever heard a screaming banjo?  So exciting....

They did a wonderful job and since I don't think their momma was there, I will say that I was very proud of how polite and kind they were.  My only problem with the show was that they are pretty well known for their beards and Seth was clean shaven, so I kind of feel cheated out of a beard.  I'm pretty sure the box office will be refunding half of the ticket price shortly. 

It was a lovely weekend and from now on any concert that I attend that does not have a cow with a saddle on it wandering the crowd, well it will just not measure up.  (We have tickets for the Drive By Truckers in Portland next month...I should call the box office to see how many cows they'll have.)

Yup, she's drooling. 

Oh and somehow I broke my Kindle while we were there.  My heart was broken, 'cause I sure do love my Kindle. See those lines at the top, NOT supposed to be there and they won't go away.   BUT I called Amazon this morning and they're sending me a brand new one that should be here by Thursday.  So it's all good. 

When the customer service lady asked me if I needed anything else, I should have mentioned that true satisfaction always includes a drooling cow... but they probably teach them that in Amazon Customer Service College. 

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, drooling cow and all. Does that cow have a SADDLE on? That's kind of scary.

    Glad you are getting a new Kindle. That's some awesome customer service.

    Did you know that your "New England Blogger" button covers the left half of the bottom of your post? I couldn't read the rest of it. :)

  2. Scotch Highland cattle. Oy. Maybe Scots cows have to drool because of the brogue in Scottish mooing. Do you think so? I think you should have offered the poor thing a Peanut. Come to think of it, maybe that Banjo player wasn't full of energy, but having a Peanut withdrawal episode. I kind of resemble that if I don't get them in a timely manner. Hey, that could be it!

  3. Great time with daughter!! And the cow was the best-but thats just my thinkin!! Love those cattle!!