Monday, September 12, 2011

Brief bursts of creativity...

I've been feeling crafty lately.  What I haven't been feeling is rich.   So all my projects have to have a little more thought put into them since I don't want to spend any money.  My office chair was looking pretty...gross.

So here are the step-by-step instruction on how I made it look better.

1.  I unscrewed all the screws on the back and ripped it apart.
2.  I put new fabric on it.
3.  I put it back together. 

It took about 10 minutes.  I broke the black plastic that holds the cushions in a couple of places.  I think if I had hit it with a blow dryer, I might have been able to pry it off without cracking it.  I didn't do that.  It cracked.  I care little.

For it looks much better and I am happy.  Also the first picture I took of the chair is weird and I'm pretty sure my living room is haunted. 

Smiles from the farm,


  1. Yep, that is definitely a haunting...OOOO-EEEE-OOO!!!

  2. Lovely. I so want to do this to my kitchen chairs, but no one will help me. :pout:

    And yes, definitely in agreement Tracy. That's a haunting. heehee

  3. It looks oh so much better! Now I want to take apart my chair!

  4. Just the ghostie having fun twirrling around and arround.


    Like you've never done it.

  5. Ooo! And not that long 'til Halloween either!

  6. My computer chair is in similiar condition. I'm not very handy, but I just might give this a shot. Thanks!